By Uma Shanker

Think of a US education and TOEFL comes to your mind. The Test of English as a Foreign Language is one of the world’s most widely respected English tests recognized by more than 9000 colleges’ universities in more than 130 countries, including Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA. The test components of TOEFL are the same as the ones in IELTS ie. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, except that TOEFL is an Internet based test. It is scored out of 120 marks. We have had students getting as high as 116/120. Come & get trained by us to help you enrol for a dream college in the USA.



Lokesh Mehta-Engineering graduate (TOEFL) (USA)

I took admission in TOEFL class in this academy .Academy provided me enough vocabulary and knowledge to improve my speaking and writing skills. Moreover, I received a lot of worksheets which gave me a lot of practice.



Ashvini Desai

Writing a few words about the time spent with you is an impossible task. The experience I had here is me of the most memorable experiences. Your extraordinary energy and guidance has always impressed me to the core! I still remember the time I talked to you on phone and I got such good vibes from you! ma’am to say that you are impressive is an understatement.



Aparajita Naik

I’m so glad that I have a great teacher like you. your guidance helped e a lot and I hope to perform well on my TOEFL exam. Honestly I wasn’t very confident about my abilities but you helped me boot up my confidence and I am really grateful for that! Please keep in touch. nks for showing faith in me. Cheers to the wonderful clan and your positive nature towards all of us!

–   92 TOEFL score