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It has been a wonderful journey for me in this academy. I came here on 20th January’14 as a shy person, confused totally about everything. Throughout my journey, mam has helped me a lot. She motivated me to be the best. She guided me at every point. During this period I faced many failures but madam counselled me and motivated me with her words “NOT TO GIVE UP”. She guided and helped me like a mother. Mam is more than a teacher for me. She fulfilled my dreams and made my dreams into a reality through her constant presence. I can never repay her back anything. She is just like a fairy Godmother for me. I will miss her a lot. Her blessings, her prayers have always encouraged me to do well in everything. She not only taught me but groomed me too. She has been a stepping stone towards success in my life. She has added a positive spirit in me. I will always remember her sweet smile that inspired me. Mam has played a special part in my life that is difficult to express. She is a lady beyond words. For me, ma’am has done so much that I can never express through words. I love her a lot and I will never forget  her whatever happens in life