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The beginning of our IELTS journey


Way back in 2005, when we launched our IELTS classes and put up banners across the city, the first call we got was hadi-sir-picfrom one Mr. Qayam Hadi. He introduced himself as a Trainee Engineer working for BHEL. He wanted to go abroad for higher education, but his office timings were rigorous. He had to be in office at 8 AM and he could leave only at 5 PM.

We decided to help him for two reasons

  • He was our first IELTS student
  • He was ready to walk the extra mile to realize his dream

So we conducted classes from 6.45 AM to 7.30 AM and 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM. Qayam took the exam and got an impressive score of 7.0. In between, he had personal issues and could not leave the country at once. But he finally made it and went to Canada in 2006. There has been no looking back for him since then. He is comfortably settled in Canada and we are proud to say that he is still in touch. So today’s Student of the Day in Mr Qayam Hadi, our FIRST IELTS student!!!


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