By Uma Shanker

Give yourself a lifetime opportunity of going abroad after clearing the IELTS exam, be it the Academic Module or the General training Module. A pen and paper test, the International English language testing System, consists of four main components, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Scored out of 9, one can study, work or migrate to various countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, etc. Having trained more than a 1000 candidates for this exam, we are the oldest exclusive IELTS training centre in Bhopal. We provide 150+ hours of intensive training with 300+ reading exercises, 100+ speaking sessions, 200+ writing and listening practice materials. Join us today to learn English the way it should be spoken and written to help you move abroad.



Varsha Verman (STD XII STUDENT)

I don’t have enough words to articulate my feelings of gratitude for the exceptional support and guidance that you showered on me. But yet, a huge thank you for everything! Thank you for correcting my silly mistakes with infinite patience, for gently urging me to move ahead on the path of success and most importantly, for instilling in me the necessary confidence .

–   8.5 IELTS score


Lavanya Garg (STD XII STUDENT)

If at all I do well in IELTS, the credit definitely goes to you. You are a fantastic teacher who helped me to improve my English and taught me various intricacies of the language.  You have shown great confidence in me which has only goaded me to perform better

–   8.5 IELTS score


Avinash Rajan Toms (NURSE) (UK)

I express my most sincere gratitude to you for helping me prepare for IELTS in such a wonderful way. I really cherish the moments that I have spent in your class. I strongly feel that my level of proficiency in English has developed thanks to your efforts.

–   8.5 IELTS score


Dr. V.V.Priyanka (DENTIST)

I am extremely thankful to you, for your guidance and love. You helped me when I had lost my confidence and instilled me with new life. PS: you’re the only person who managed to persuade me to improve my handwriting

–   8.0 IELTS score



Mam if I have to answer a question regarding “admiration” I would definitely speak to you. You have given me the confidence to move forward. You helped me discover the passion for learning English, within myself.

–   8.0 IELTS score


Navjeevan Mani

Seeing you after five years today made realize how greatly you have helped me in achieving things that I have today. I owe my success to you! many thanks for showing faith in me. Cheers to the wonderful clan and your positive nature towards all of us!

–   8.0 IELTS score



Thank you very much for the advice and corrections. Some of the things were illuminating and I should admit that I have got over my common mistakes in writing module.

–   8.0 IELTS score


Riya Keshri

I had come to you last year for help and guidance for SAT and found success in the examination. This time I was here for IELTS. Thank you for helping me prepare for it  at such  short notice !

–   8.0 IELTS score


Amol Khandekar-Pharmacist (IELTS) (UK)

I am AMOL KHANDEKAR. I was hardly able to attend it once or twice in 10 days .But by the able guidance of madam, I was to get through IELTS exam with band score 7.5. I dedicate my success to Uma Madam’s endeavours.

–   7.5 IELTS score


Akanksha Joshi-Engineering graduate (IELTS) (AUSTRALIA)

With madam’s guidance I could work upon many aspects of my language . Her help pot only made me take up IELTS more confidently but her guidance is a gift that I would cherish throughout my life.

–   7.5 IELTS score


Ankita Jain-paediatrician (IELTS) (UK)

I am very grateful to you as you helped me in improving my English and my personality. Learning from you has inculcated confidence into me. I have enriched my knowledge by studying in this institution.

–   7.0 IELTS score


Shreay Agrawal

It was an honour for me to learn and step forward on the path of knowledge and success with your guidance. I have started accomplishing my dreams. Thank you for everything and making believe in myself.

–   7.0 IELTS score


Ashish Gupta

Thank you for all the support and encouragement. Thanks to your guidance I have improved a lot. You have given me a lot of motivation to do well in this test. The classroom program was very helpful for me. Best wishes.

–   7.0 IELTS score



I am extremely grateful for the guidance and support I received from you. The moment I met you I realised that I am in the presence of a knowledgeable person . Thank you for your help.

–   7.0 IELTS score