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There are so many worthless things in the world
And I am one, for here and there, I am hurled
From the kitchen to the front door
With all the dust and muck of the floor
The maid treats me without sympathy
She picks me up with sheer antipathy
My rancid smell offends her senses
What I contain, she needs no guesses
Rotting fruits, yesterday’s onion sandwich
The right recipe to make any nose twitch
The sooner I am out of everyone’s way
The better they feel, they will certainly say,
Then let me ask you just a simple question
How will you, without me, survive and sustain
With garbage strewn all over, and stink all around
Your house will become a pest-breeding ground
My absence in your house will fill you with despair
And living in the house will become a nightmare
It is said that you only value a thing when it is absent
But please treat me with respect when I am present
For, do you know, a house without a litter bin
Is equivalent to a fish without a fin
Treat me with care, keep me always clean
And you shall rightly live like a queen.
It is said, even a blade of grass has value for humanity
Everything depends on the way you look at someone’s utility
I too have my own intrinsic place and worth
Don’t laugh at my pathetic status with mirth
Save the earth, avoid non-bio degradable waste
Respect me, don’t throw me and hurt me in haste!

-Uma Shanker

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