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What is a blackboard today?

what-is-a-blackboard- today-educontra

A blackboard was the most important part of a classroom after the teacher. It occupied a pride of place in a school.

No sooner the teacher left the classroom, students rushed towards her desk to look for pieces of chalk and started writing on the board. They also threw the tiny pieces at each other.

Students envied the monitor of the class, who got a chance to write the date or the subject name on the board.

Rubbing the board was also a prestigious task assigned to special students by the teacher.

Many people of the previous generation had many memories and emotions attached to the blackboard.

But what is a blackboard today?

Not as important any longer. Today we have smart classes where the white screen overshadows the blackboard. Students are more comfortable with handheld devices than chalks.

Well, we get to see blackboards in village schools only today as schools in urban areas vie with each other to show that they use ultra-modern methods of teaching. But some years later, one should not be surprised if the blackboard is finally relegated to the fate of the telegram and given a formal farewell and a final burial!!!


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