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Quick Tips For A Job Interview



Whenever one goes for a job interview, he should follow certain tips

  • Visit the website of the company who is conducting the interview to
  • Know about the company history
  • Know about the company’s product or service
  • Know about the job profile applied for
  • Know about the company’s vision and motto
  • Carry all the documents as called for by the company
  • Reach the venue on time. If the venue is an unfamiliar one, locate the place the previous day so that you are not late on the day of the interview
  • Wear clean and formal clothes as they reflect your personality. If you go in torn jeans, it shows that you are very casual about the interview
  • Seek permission to enter the interview room
  • Greet the interview board with a smile
  • Sit after you are asked to
  • Make eye contact with the panel members. Avoiding their eye shows that you are scared or diffident
  • Don’t bluff through the interview. Be truthful and accept your mistakes
  • Don’t try to argue with the panel even though you know you are right on a particular issue
  • Do not speak too fast or too slow. Keep a normal pace
  • Appear completely involved in the interview and show that your keen to join the company


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