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Parents VS Kids

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We hear and read about so many cases of suicides by students. Most of the time the reasons are either failed love or failure in studies. This is a serious problem which has to be addressed both by parents and society.

In today’s world, we have working parents, who have little time for their offspring and free thinking youngsters, who consider their hand-held device as the panacea for all their problems. With the lack of communication between parents and children, Indian society is slowly drifting away from the old concepts of home-sweet-home and my-family-best.

Young people drift towards the opposite gender because they feel that their parents neither understand their problem nor are they keen or inclined to provide a solution. So when they find a sympathetic ear among their peers, a bond is formed between people of the two genders and this could lead to something more gradually. One of the two may be serious while the other may be flippant or really not interested. But this one-sided emotion has a deleterious effect on young minds, which are naive, innocent and just affection-deprived in a strange world. Parents do not realise this situation until it is too late. The young mind decelerates as fast as it accelerates- maybe more. The quagmire of depression is not easy to come out of and a life is lost – a brilliant mind is sacrificed at the altar of communication gap and isolation.

At the other end, we have students who have taken up a course(most of the time it is engg) due to parents persuasion or peer pressure. The course is neither to their liking nor do they have an aptitude for it. The realisation dawns after a semester or two, by which time on is in a Catch 22 situation. One cannot move forward in the course as there are too many outstanding subjects. One cannot move back as a lot of money and parents’ aspirations are at stake. Caught inextricably in the net of parents’ ambition and self-pride, the young student falls into an abyss from which he can never come out for a long, long time.

Society cannot let such young, smart people languish this way. Parents should communicate with their children on a daily basis to understand their emotional needs. They should put the child before SELF and realise that the child too has his aspirations and he should be given a chance to try his dream out before deciding whether he is up to it or not. Gone are the days when the only career was in banking, medicine or engineering. Today there are a thousand ways of earning money. But knowing a child’s capabilities and channelizing those to match the kind of career he can take up in future should be the most important job of every parent. A little time devoted to understanding and counselling children can work wonders for both the parent and child and go a long way in forging healthy family relationships. A good solution would be for the parents and children to consult an outsider, a career counsellor or an elderly neighbour for a pragmatic solution.

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