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A dream of every Indian nurse


Nursing,  they say, is a noble profession, which is why many young people in India opt for a nursing course after completing Grade XII

India being a developing country, the living standards are not very good, and most students who become registered nurses are from middle-income families. It is a struggle to pay the high fees in most colleges and successfully complete the course, which is often demanding.

But one thing that eggs the nurses on is the distant dream of settling in an English-speaking country some day in their lives. Their English levels may not be very good, and they know that getting an individual 7.0 in each module of the IELTS exam, is nothing short of a Herculean task for them. Yet the passion with which the nurses pursue their dream is commendable.

As a very seasoned and old IELTS trainer, I have seen nurses taking the IELTS exam as many as ten to twelve times over a year to reach their DREAM SCORE. They spend time, energy and money on IELTS, which they consider to be a safe investment to secure their future. They know that the money spent on IELTS will come back to them four-fold when they migrate to Australia or New Zealand or Ireland.

The dedication with which these nurses study, the sleep they are ready to sacrifice and the distance they are ready to travel to attend IELTS classes, are factors that contribute to their success.

The struggle is not in IELTS preparation alone. The discomfiture they have to face when ridiculed by their family and friends over their many unsuccessful attempts and the sleepless nights they suffer waiting anxiously for the result are only some of the hurdles in their Migration Journey.

So, at the end of the day, when these nurses finally succeed, get their decision letter from a foreign nursing board and have the visa in their hands, they have the FINAL LAUGH. All the trials and tribulations they have undergone get erased and the only thing that matters is the triumphant smiles on their lips. That becomes the Red Letter Day of their lives. Long live Indian nurses and their passion to work abroad!!!

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