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“The Mantra For a Banking Career”


The banking industry is experiencing a boom and this is getting translated into many employment opportunities for young people wanting to be part of the banking and financial sector. But obviously, if there are more opportunities, there are also more and more young people joining the competition every year. Competition is getting tougher and tougher, so much so that the banks have now come up with a preliminary and then a final exam for those successful in the preliminary exam. This helps the banks to weed out the not so capable and get the cream of the young populace for their workplace.

This change in bank exam pattern has put additional pressure on the banking aspirants.

While there is no single mantra for success in such exams, there are a few things that candidates can adopt in order to crack the bank exams. Those are as under:-

  • Keep on taking one exam after the other, even if you don’t succeed because practice helps you understand the pattern and you will fare better in each succeeding exam even though it may time for you to get a call
  • Practice with as many model papers as you can. You may not have understood a question in the exam. But when you try it out later, you will be able to solve it
  • Make it a habit of reading the newspaper everyday. At least read the headlines in all sections, be it politics, sports, economics or finance. If your read regularly, your reading speed will increase and you will also gain some knowledge in the process
  • Make a table of prepositional verbs and collocations (like dream of, pride in, acute pain, earn a salary, pronounced accent) and read them every day. This will come in handy when you have to solve the Fill ups in the English section
  • Make a table of all formulae in Maths and learn them by rote so that you can save time in the exam
  • Form groups and keep asking each other questions. This helps you hone your speed and you also revise the portions in a fun way.
  • Be calm I the exam, for stress blinds you eye. Even though you know the answer, you will choose the wrong one, if you are under stress.
  • When you are preparing for a particular bank’s exam, do go the bank’s website and read its history, motto, an area of operation, etc as you will get at least two questions on this.
  • If you really keen on cracking the bank PO, you should also take the DB & F(Diploma in Banking & Finance) exam on IIBF(Indian Institute of Banking & Finance), Mumbai. To know more about the exam and how it can catalyze your aspirations for a career in banking, feel free to contact us

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